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DISASTER: Another Ship Destroyed, Captain Frain Murdered

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Tragedy struck another blow against Project: Mercy Flight today. The Respite, a medical Corvette bound for worlds requiring medical relief, was destroyed by rebel scum as they continue their terror campaign against innocent Imperial citizens.

While fortunately a group of rebels was captured fleeing the wreck of the Respite by the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Subjugator, the Empire mourns the loss of Captain Talman Frain, the Imperial officer tasked with tracking and capturing the very terrorists responsible for the Parnell massacre and the attacks against Mercy Flight. Captain T. Frain was found bound and adrift in space in the Jaska star system, the system containing the habited planet Joralla.

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“It is clear at this point that the Parnell rebels have separated into at least two groups,” Governor Tresk, former commander of Captain Frain, informed INN. “This heinous murder of a bound and helpless individual simply defines the cruelty, immorality, and savagery of your basic rebel.”

The Emperor today removed Tresk from overseeing the hunt for the Parnell terrorists, ordering Tresk to oversee the remainder of the Mercy Flight mission.

In Tresk’s stead, the Emperor assigned Moff Avrik Belasco to the hunt. Moff Belasco brings his task force of three Imperial II-Class Star Destroyers, Task Force Omicron-B into the chase, and acknowledges while the hunt might not be easy, the Empire will eventually be victorious.

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“It will only be a matter of time.”

In further news, the Parnell terrorists have all had their bounties raised. “Gendall Kurk” has had his bounty raised to 10,000 credits, while all others involved have been stabilized at 5,000 credits each, but with a bonus of 25,000 credits for capturing the entire group.

Famed bounty hunter Ferrik Fen Fell has reportedly been sighted discussing the contract
with Imperial law enforcement on Coruscant.

Meanwhile, all Imperial citizens are encouraged to help in the hunt for the terrorists – if you know something, tell someone!

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Moff Belasco could be a huge threat for the character group to deal with’ especially our force sensitive members. He may have to be “dealt with”.


Jeesh, Kurk shoots one 5-year-old in the face and suddenly it’s “let’s kill everyone!!” ;)


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