Team Chaos SW Campaign

Holo Log Entry 2

Sabacc Anyone?

(Sits in front of Holorecorder and activates. Sits cross-legged on the floor with an enthusiastic look on his face)


So we totally escape Parnell and wind up on this new rock. The name of the planet isnt terribly important. We’re like, on the run from the Empire. Shh… Dont tell anybody. LOL!

So I figured out people’s names and stuff too! Snow White, the Echani Hotty, her name is Ru’ah. Totally crash! Pilot Dude’s name is Forim. He’s the guy that went all Rambo at my apparent demise. He had no idea I’m made of 100% Naboo Badass! And there’s this other guy with this weird logo under his vest that I guess no one’s supposed to notice. Like really dude, I can totally see that family crest you’re “hiding”. His name is Cherek. Then, of course there’s Awesome George! The most crash protocol droid in the galaxy! Everyone else was asleep. There trip here must have been hard on them. They would wake up for anything.

Anywho… The five of us went looking for lodging. I got a nice room with Forim, and everybody else took these dank little poor people rooms. But I totally learned something! Did you know credits run out?!? What the nuts? I checked my account when I got to this rock, and my credits didnt regen from the last time I spent them.

I wonder if I’m too far out in space for the credits to work right?

But I totally took care of that. There were these oil covered Sullistans at this cantina we went to. They pulled out some cards I had never seen before, and next thing I know, I was playing Sabacc! Oh, Sabacc is a not so friendly card game that poor people try to cheat at when they loose credits. They weren’t gonna cheat me though. I’m 18. I’ve seen the galaxy. I’ve been to three whole planets! I won c70! That’s what I paid in logging, for the round of drinks, and then some!

I was up c20, until I repaired my armor from that time I got shot. Things are expensive when your credits dont regen. I’ve gotta figure out something to do for creds until I figure out this regeneration problem.

Pilot Dude, Forim, found a work for the group though. There’s this Corillian Corvette with all these medical supplies on it that we’re checking out. But there’s something wrong with the ship. (sighs) I mean aside from the fact that there’s no lights, the engine doesnt work, and there’s no communications from it. There’s something wrong. Like REALLY wrong. I dont know how to tell the group this. I have a bad feeling about this ship. And not just the “this is unusual” bad feeling. But I mean like “There’s impending _doom!”_ Bad feeling. I hope everyone makes it out in one piece. Now I’m moded :(

Quick Update
Yup, the terror ship totally sucks hash. And there’s this girl screaming something about contamination. And I’m all like “Come with us, we’ll protect you.” But I’m not so sure we can. This guy on a PA system tells us there’s a virus on the ship, and if we get to the bridge, he can inoculate us. If this virus was the doom I felt back on the ship, it might be time to take things a lot more seriously. But can I show this motley crew who I really am?


I never tire of reading of…. “THE ADVENTURES OF GENDALL KURK
Holo Log Entry 2

Lol. Thanks! I give these journals my best shot.

Holo Log Entry 2

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