Captain Mariah Akunna

CPT Mariah, LLnor Security Force


In a different universe, somebody would say “the world isn’t divided between Death Eaters and good people.” In this universe, the saying could be “the galaxy isn’t divided between evil Imperials and good Rebels.”

The Empire administrates (and some say rule) most of the civilized worlds in the known galaxy. While evil does exist, along with greed, corruption, and tranny, there are plenty of good people working for the Empire. Many of them in Imperial uniform. Others serve the Empire one level removed, such as staff of Imperial worlds and stations that might not be necessarily enlisted in the armed forces.

Captain Mariah Akunna is one of these. Professional, courteous, and dedicated, Mariah was the commander of LLnor’s Security Teams. The STs were responsible for security and most law enforcement in LLnor’s shipyards.

Mariah was content to believe that the truth of the conflict between the Empire and rebellious factions laid somewhere in the middle between the propaganda of both sides. The horror at LLnor, however, has moved her to believe more and more the daily Rebel gossip…


Captain Mariah Akunna

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