Medic, Sniper, Punk Kid


Name: Cherek
Type: Sniper Medic
Gender/Species: Male/ Kel Dor
Age: 16
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 70kg
Languages: Basic, Kel Dor


Cherek, as with most kids is impetuous and foolhardy. He isn’t shy about promoting the rebels and disparaging the empire in public, especially his personal story, which he believes showcases the terrible things the empire will do

Back story:
Born right in to slavery in 16BBY he was bought as soon as he was off
his mothers teat by a ranking politician. Though Palpatine was able to
do what he wished without much impedance a little political savvy and
public relations always helped smooth things along. To this end the
Emperor’s aids developed the Imperial Youth.

This organization had two purposes, one to indocrinate the children in
to the culture the Empire wanted and for it’s founding troop a way to
obfuscate the Emperor’s xenophobia. The children in this first group
were of multiple species and often were pictured with the Emperor and
at public events. They were raised from infancy to be completely loyal
to the Emperor.

Raised in a carefully controlled environment the children were
shielded from all negative propaganda. The news which did get to the
children was immediately spun by their mentors to show the Empire in
the best light. In addition to this loyalty the children were also
being raised to server as diplomats when they were older. As such they
were schooled thoroughly in many academic areas and taught the game
that is politics

27th of those acquired for the founding group he was originally given
the designator Cherek (after the 27th letter in the Aurabesh alphabet)
Overtime the children in the troop acquired these as their names.

In 4BBY Cherek accompanied an imperial Senator to Virgillia 7. The
planet had been embroiled in a civil war for 20 years, with the common
folk attempting to throw out the reigning aristocracy. As the empire
rose they lent support to the aristocracy. The senator and Cherek were
there to negotiate a new trade agreement to supply the aristocracy
with more weapons and military consultants to help deal with the
insurgents guerrilla tactics.

While at a meeting in one of the governors mansions the insurgents
attacked and quickly overwhelmed the under prepared guards. While the
senator was able to flee Cherek was caught in an explosion and
presumed dead. The rebellion on the planet went through the wreckage
and found the young Kel Dor trapped under rubble and unconscious.

When he awoke he was in an insurgent camp with his wounds treated and
doctors around him. When they noticed he was awake the offered him
food and medicine for his head aches. While he wasn’t confined he was
monitored while in camp. They asked him who he was and he answered

They wouldn’t let him go until they planned to move camp and in that
time he started seeing more and more unfiltered news and heard more
and more about the atrocities the empire committed.He sympathized more
and more with their cause, until the day he saw footage of his own
people being enslaved. With the help of the slicers at camp he was
able to find that he himself had been born a slave. This keyed him to
ask to start helping them overthrow the aristocracy as a proxy for his
anger against the empire.

After this battle they started training him on his weapon, an old
scoped slugthrower. They praised the bolt action rifle it for its
reliability, but Cherek still angry at the thought of the empire, most
impressed with it’s ability to cause true wounds rather than the
quickly cauterized blaster shots. His adverse reaction to taking a
life was quickly suppressed as he relished in what he saw as revenge
for his own and others enslavement

Over the years, he grew better and better with his rifle and took part
in more and more raids on the Aristocracy. As the Rebel Alliance grew
Cherek quickly answered the call, a chance to take his revenge on the
empire directly. He officially joined the alliance and saw a
few skirmishes here and there before going to Parnel


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