Gendall Kurk

Minor Jedi/Noble. Spoiled rich teen who has ventured offworld for the first time.


Character Name: Gendall Kurk
Type: Minor Jedi
Gender/Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 90 kgs

A Quote:“Direct kill shot to the chest and lived. Took on a squad of Storm Troopers and survived. Town leveled, and I’m still standing. Met new people, got new gear, and I’m in a Y-Wing… So far, this work thing is AWESOME!

Physical Description: Gendall is a young black male of average height, and medium large build. He has short cut brown hair, blue eyes, and the beginnings of a goatee. He has expensive tastes in fashion, and tends to be a bit over dressed for any given occasion. His favorite style of dress is swoop bike apparel, which he believes helps him look tough while staying fashion forward.

Dexterity 4D

  • Blaster 5D+2
  • Lightsaber 5D+1
  • Melee Parry 5D

Perception 3D+1

  • Sneak 4D+2

Knowledge 2D

Strength 2D+2

  • Stamina 5D+1

Mechanical 2D

Technical 3D

  • Computer Programming / Repair 4D
  • First Aid 4D

Special Abilities
Control 1D

  1. Absorb/Dissipate Energy 2D
  2. Accelerated Healing 2D
  3. Control Pain 2D

Move 10
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 0


  1. Lightsaber 5D
  2. Heavy Blaster 5D
  3. Blaster Rifle 5D
  4. Holdout Blaster 3D
  5. Corellian 611 Combat Armor
    2D Physical/2D Energy/ -10 swimming
  6. 2 Medpacs
  7. 1 Commlink
  8. 1615 Credits

Gendall is a Human Jedi born on Naboo in the year 23 BBY. He will publically admit that he was born to a powerful noble house who has lost their land and title when the Old Republic fell. He will also confess that his parents are dead, and his older, famous, and beloved brother is an Imperial prisoner. He was secreted away; taken at a young age to an Outer Rim planetiod be stewarded by my father’s former bannerman with many of the young nobles of my planet. This noble also took in a failed Jedi, Norkra Bree’lie. Bree’lie was broken by the rigors of the Clone Wars. He saw in Gendall a chance for redemption without having to face a second galactic war, and began crudely training him in the ways of the Force.

Gendall Kurk

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