Governor Tresk

Imperial Governor of Parnell


Dexterity 3D+1

blaster 7D
dodge 6D
melee parry 6D
melee weapons 6D
vehicle blasters 6D

Knowledge 3D

bureaucracy 8D
languages 3D+1
intimidation 5D+2
planetary systems: Parnell 5D+2
scholar: galactic history 5D+2
scholar: galactic politics 5D+2
willpower 6D+1

Mechanical 2D+2

repulsorlift operation 5D+1

Perception 3D+1

con 6D
persuasion 7D

Strength 2D+2

Technical 3D

first aid 5D+2


Novarr Tresk is the recently appointed Imperial Governor of Parnell.

He shows little interest in the day to day operations, concentrating on ensuring the smooth operation of the Reacher Institute. He leaves the Parnell day-to-day governing with Lieutenant Talman Frain. So long as there is no unrest or rebellious activity, he his perfectly satisfied with keeping the Imperial touch on Parnell at almost imperceptible levels.

He is apparently uncorrupt, and has steadfastly refused to be bribed by merchants, spacers, and freighter captains who flit through the system, crushing any discovered smuggling with an iron first

Governor Tresk

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