Captain T. Frain

Imperial Captain Talman Frain


Imperial Customs and Administration Officer Lieutenant Talman “Tal” Frain is the main face of the Empire on Parnell. Governor Tresk prefers to leave the day to day administration of the settlement to Tal, and has had no issues with how Frain administrates.

After the Atrocity at Parnell, Talman was promoted to captain and placed in charge of the terrorist hunt.

Talman is the brother of Imperial pilot Valma Frain, also stationed on Parnell.

Talman Frain is a recruiting-poster worthy visage of the typical Imperial Officer. He’s also a hopeless romantic and womanizer, and has had “relations” with many of the settlement’s women. Unusual for what most people might consider a “typical” Imperial officer, Tal does not abuse his authority or use fear/compulsion in these scenarios, he is simply that popular amongst the female population.

UPDATE – Frain was murdered by a group of Parnell survivors, having been fired out an airlock of the Herd Mother. Unfortunately this was before he could be chemically interrogated by the Rebels for information on Project MERCY FLIGHT.


Blaster 5D+2, blaster artillery 5D, brawling parry 5D+1, dodge 5D, grenade 4D+2, vehicle blasters 5D

Alien species 4D+2, planetary systems 4D+2, streetwise 4D+2, survival 5D, tactics: ground assault 7D , intimidation 4D+2

Ground vehicle operation 5D, repulsorlift operation 5D+2, space transports 4D+2, starship gunnery 4D+1, starship shields 4D

Command 5D, hide 6D, search 4D+2, sneak 4D+2, con 5D+1, con: disguise 4D+1
hide 5D+1, investigation 5D, persuasion 5D

Brawling 5D+2, climbing/jumping 5D, stamina 6D

Blaster repair 4D+2, computer programming/repair 7D+1, demolition 5D, droid programming 4D+2, droid repair 4D+1, repulsorlift repair 4D+2

Captain T. Frain

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