Captain V. Frain

Imperial Captain Valma Frain


Imperial Lieutenant Valma Frain is an Imperial TIE pilot stationed on Parnell, and is the flight leader of the TIE flight of 4 assigned to the Imperial garrison for air support and interdiction operations.

Lieutenant Frain is an exceptional TIE fighter pilot, and has had multiple victories in the skies and space above Parnell. She has been witnessed by incoming and outgoing freighter captains destroying at least 3 X-Wings and 2 Longprobe Y-Wings in separate encounters.

Val is considered an excellent leader. Her squad of 3 TIE pilots are fiercely loyal to her, and violently protective of her while on the ground.

After the terrorist act on Parnell, V. Frain was promoted to captain and transferred to new duties.

Dexterity: 4D+1
Blaster 5D+1, dodge 5D+1

Knowledge: 2D
Planetary systems 3D, survival 3D, value 3D

Mechanical: 5D
Communications 5D+1, Sensors 5D+2*, starfighter piloting 7D, starship gunnery 5D

Perception: 4D
Command 5D, search 5D, hide 5D, sneak 3D+2

Strength: 3D
Stamina 4D, climbing/jumping 4D

Technical: 3D
Computer programming/repair 3D+1, starfighter repair 5D

Equipment: Navigational computer linkup helmet (internal comlink, +1D to sensors), high gravity stress flight suit with life support equipment, one week emergency reations, blaster pistol (4D), survival gear


Val Frain is the sister of Imperial Customs Officer Talman Frain, also stationed on Parnell.

While her brother is a social individual and a bit of a playboy, Val is a serious and reserved officer. She has had numerous citizens of Parnell interested in getting to know her better, but has rebuffed any romantic advances. Val is neither cold nor cruel, merely quiet and distant.

Captain V. Frain

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