Moff Belasco

Imperial Moff Belasco


Moff Avrik Belasco is one Emperor Palpatine’s personal watchdogs against a revival of the Jedi order. He holds no particular quadrant of space as his Area of Operations, but rather has authority to travel wherever necessary for the investigation and eradication of even a hint of Jedi activity – including any force users not personally sworn to the Empire.

Belasco commands a fleet of three Imperial II Star Destroyers.


His flagship:

Darth Maul’s Revenge

and two escorts:

The Examiner
The Inquisitor II


Moff Belasco is a truly frightening individual. Not because of any sort of imposing size or violent intimidating behavior, but because he is a man who is often underestimated by everyone – friends, enemies, allies, victims.

Soft spoken, cultured, and polite, Belasco can often be mistaken for a minor bureaucrat when in civilian attire.

Moff Belasco is absolutely consumed with the idea of the Force. He is obsessed with force users and has many plans and ideas on how to use the Force, and those who wield it, for the greater glory of the Empire.

This obsession, combined with the fact that he is not himself force-sensitive, has made him a perfect agent of control and fear against potential Jedis. The Emperor considers Belasco to be completely loyal, and indulges Belasco’s brutal methods against those who dare wield the power of the force against the Empire.

Rumors have it that Belasco has an entire facility at an unknown location devoted to the torture, breeding and study of force-sensitive beings.

Moff Belasco

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