Nephelle Tondra


Name: Nephelle Tondra
Type: Smooth-talking tech wizard
Gender/Species: Female/Human
Age: mid-to-late twenties
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 68kg
Languages: Basic, Hapan, Bocce

Tall, dark brown hair, grey eyes. Think an athletic Oliva Wilde.


Nephelle was kidnapped in her mid teens along with her younger sister by her father as a form of revenge against her mother for imagined slights. Venturing out of the Hapan Cluster did not end well for any of them; he was killed and Nephelle and her sister were captured again. They were seperated, and Nephelle has not seen her sister since. She spent the next decade and half passing from one place to another, picking up whatever she could to survive. The only thing faster than her computer hacking is her tongue. She’s only on Parnell long enough to find a ride out again.

Her Hapan genes have gifted her with exceptional looks. Although she mostly ignores it, it’s something she’s not afraid to use to her advantage when she can. She is a quick study of languages, a smooth talker and an astute observer. She plays her cards close to her chest, both literally and figuratively.

Nephelle Tondra

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