Ru'ah Ta Kovani


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Character Name: Ru’ah Ta Kovani
Type: Bodyguard/Merc for hire
Gender/Species: Female/Echani
Age: 20
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 55 kg
Languages: Basic

She’s a lanky thing. A little wild lookin’ too. Her skin is ghostly pale, marked only by the tattoos under her silver eyes. Her hair is white as well, though it’s hard to tell the length because she always keeps it pinned up in the back. She tends to favor dark colors, and as far as one can tell she doesn’t wear armor. You can bet she’s armed though, especially if she has her jacket on. Not that she needs to be – her movement suggests balance, purpose, and intention like any trained fighter.


Ru’ah grew up on stories, legends, and myths of the Echani people. Her mother would recite them to her and her siblings as bedtime stories. She would recite them when trying to make a point, or when correcting their form in a stance. Even though Ru’ah never stepped foot on Eshan, she was well aware of what it meant to be an Echani. Always moving from one Imperial base to another, Ru’ah never really felt at home or comfortable, or even felt like an Echani as her mother’s stories described. She grew up watching her mother train strangers who sneered when no one was looking, not realizing the honor of receiving training in their fighting style. She learned along side of them, as well as her siblings. It was insulting, frustrating, but made winning spars all the more satisfying.

The youngest of her siblings, Ru’ah watched as the others eventually left on their own, off to go train noble families and spoiled brats who viewed her culture as a hobby. When she turned 18 she left as well. She told stories of a family that wanted her as a fighting tutor, but really she just wanted an excuse to leave. For the past two years she has moved from place to place, looking for work and adventure. She dreams of someday seeing her home world, but for now is content to experience life outside of a military base.

Her last known job was bodyguard for Gendall on his trip offworld.

Ru'ah Ta Kovani

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