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Rom Gallus, former civilian leader of the Parnell Settlement, was discovered half alive and buried in the rubble of Parnell earlier this week.

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Gallus, suffering critical injuries, has been stabilized, but his future prognosis is doubtful.

Gallus at first was unable, or unwilling to speak as to the perpetrators of the Parnell atrocity, however, after being assured that his twin grand-daughters had been taken into protective custody by the Empire did he, in a spate of grateful tears, tell all.

Rom Gallus’ twin granddaughters Eva and Ava, originally of Naboo, and their protective detail.

Gallus has named space transient Gendall Kurk as the Butcher of Parnell.

“‘Work,’ he called it,” Gallus said from his medical bed, in the dead tones of one who has suffered much. “He was constantly excited about his ‘work,’ and all aspects of the ‘work.’”

Gallus struggled to find the right words, “He was like a child who had discovered a new toy.”

A chilling statement concerning an obvious maniac psychopath.

The Imperial bounty on the Parnell terrorists, originally set at 5,000 Imperial Credits, has been increased to 8,000 for Kurk.


INN News Flash - Empire Abandons Plans to Civilize Ungrateful Neo-Barbarians
Imperial News Network - We Know What You Need to Hear

Imperial spokespeople today noted that the Empire outreach program designed to bring civilization to the less fortunate parts of the galaxy had met their match on the forest moon of Endor.

“It’s hopeless, the natives are absolutely incapable of civilized behavior or appreciating the benefits of modern life,” Administrator Orann, 32, noted from Coruscant.

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An “Ewok” of Endor, completely unappreciative of the fine set of Stormtrooper armor fitted for it.

As a last attempt, trials were run to see how the neo-barbs would serve as Imperial troops.

“Hopeless. These things aren’t a threat to anything except my allergies. They’ll never be combat effective,” Orann added.

An “Ewok” of Endor vandalizes its armor.

What am I doing here? -Cherek

Dear Diar…ugh, I feel stupid for even writing this. Many of my squad mates have always kept a journal, but I never understood why. However, with the loss of my squad I have no one I truly trust to bounce ideas off of, or really even talk to. But first, I want to note the actions that found me in the position…

goes on using lose terms and nicknames to describe his mission, it’s failure and how his squad perished

after, what seemed to be quite the bumbling excercise, we were able to get off world with a goal in mind.
We needed to find medical frigates to dispense much needed aid to ailing worlds.

My companions now, though each admirable in their own way, are truly a motley crew.

The Echani woman is feisty, not to keen on getting on her bad side. She seems short tempered, but I’d find it hard to believe she would be truly malicious to anyone. She is definitely a capable warrior, but more importantly she has moxy which will definitely aid us.

Gendel, he is definitely a character. Definitely, of noble birth and used to high stature. I’m not sure what to think of him. He seems extremely naive, in many ways he is, but he is definitely hiding something. He’s smart, but ignorant and I feel he uses that to his somehow advantage. No matter his role in this, he is proving to be quite the useful bank.
—update, I saw him play Sabaak and win twice. I expected his opponents to be playing rope a dope, but he bowed right as it seemed they were going to cheat him. Something doesn’t feel right with this guy.

Finally, Forim…I have no idea how to handle this guy. He makes me uncomfortable, but…I have to say I trust him. He says he came to get me off planet, and I believe he works for the alliance. I’m keeping my eyes on him, first sniff I get of something wrong…

In any case Forim, has brought us to a abandoned Corvette in regards to ‘our mission’
We’ve come to refer to these ships as the pleiades. No power, no engines and as far as I can tell no comms.
We’re going aboard.

QUICK ENTRY: We’re on a derelict ship with a crazy girl and a gas which apparently makes humans go insane. This is fucking creepy, laughter coming over the comms and a crying little girl in a cell. I almost shot a her when she leaped at Forim…I’m going to have to watch myself…I’m way to jumpy in here.

Help Defeat the Terrorists - Join the Empire Today!

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Update From Parnell - Law and Order Prevail to Help Track Atrocity Commiters
Imperial News - We Know What You Need to Hear


Newly promoted Captain Talman Frain, formerly of the Parnell Imperial garrison, has announced the discovery of new information in the identities of the terrorists of Parnell. “Interviews with recently discovered Parnell survivors, as well as comparisons of flight data, starport data, and what ships are missing versus what ships were still at the settlement at the time of the massacre have led us to believe that at least one small craft that was present prior to the massacre is no longer on Parnell.”

Captain Frain has been placed in charge of the search for the terrorists, and is operating under the nominal guidance and authority of former Parnell Imperial Governor Novarr Tresk.

“Bounty hunters will be dispatched first with the information we acquired, and we will follow up with Imperial troops when information is confirmed,” Frain noted.

Unfortunately, the survivors discovered on Parnell were far too injured and succumbed to their wounds shortly after their testimonies were recorded.

Meanwhile, his sister, Lt. Valma Frain, renowned as a phenomenal pilot, has been promoted to Captain. She will be promoted from team lead to flight lead, taking command of one of 4 flight teams of the 117th T.I.E. Pursuit Squadron.

Creative Editing 101 or Opportunistic Synergy

“Reputation?” It wasn’t the first time the thought bubbled up in Morgan’s head while he sat hunched over the console. It was little better than a datapad but its connection to the holonet was stable and for what he was doing he didn’t need much. Most of his new traveling companions had been forthcoming, filling him in on anything they might want him to keep in mind while moving their identities to NEVER EVEN BEEN TO PARNELL status. Some had been a little less cooperative than others, but as he kept explaining they were all in the same ship now. Metaphorically speaking at any rate. The two of them were over in the Y-wing and for some reason Morgan felt like he could breathe easier because of it. Perhaps one of them was wearing a noxious form of aftershave. Hopefully they would run out of the stuff.
“Reputation?” They had better hope not. In a Galaxy of over 64 Trillion Sentients (nearly 20% of whom could vote in some manner for as little as that was worth) reputation was a hard thing to come by, and that was good. It allowed for a certain ‘fluidity’. Morgan’s own background checks revealed that most of these people were at the start of their careers or had successfully kept anything TOO alarming out of official record. That was good. He didn’t need to start hiding someone wanted in multiple solar systems. Or put a Kessel Run winner back in touch with their stupid fan club. Who had time for that? And that wasn’t the only thing going on…
It wasn’t surprising to see the Empire being sloppy, heavy handed, and overconfident. None of that was new. But it was a matter of DEGREE. Unless he was wrong the generic cover-up performed by two different (minimum) flunkies as much as ASSUMED that other larger events would be happening soon which would make any inquiries into the Parnell massacre a moot point. At the rate the Empire was simply wiping away information, moving everyone’s history around was simple. Morgan found Imperial overconfidence, disturbing. Sure it was convenient for the moment but to his way of thinking those ships and whatever they were carrying (chemical, radioactive, biological?) were going to decimate entire planets, or worse.
Morgan shook the cobwebs and worries out and returned to work. His own record was the easiest to fix. It meant a little less money per job but Morgan’s contracts always included a “right to subcontract” clause and just like that the records reflected that he had paid someone else to handle the last assignment and they had been the one to come to Parnell. For some of the others it was a bit trickier. The important thing was never to erase a minor smirch and to include a minor smirch when creating an I.D. or background history. The Empire assumes everyone is guilty of something, they just don’t care as long as it is a minor infraction and you aren’t ripping off them. Creating the tiny smirch that shows you lying about your whereabouts or something similar to a family member or employer made anyone checking up on you feel they had your measure. It wasn’t long before Morgan finished the repaired AND fake IDs for the entire group. It might not pass the detailed investigation that could occur if they actually succeeded in stopping more than one of these Harbinger Ships, but it would all serve in the meantime. Clones and droids weren’t going to see through any of Morgan’s work…
“Overconfidence. Grasping overconfidence. Greedy…” The thought gave Morgan an idea. Yeah the Empire could keep SOME secrets when it wanted to but it could never keep ALL the secrets that it wanted to. Sure Morgan had no idea what the Death Star looked like or what its purpose was but he had spotted the money being moved around to purchase resources for it before the first plasma torch was lit. DAMNIT!! While he had been making the most of the whitewash of Parnell’s recent electronic history and fixing everyone’s history and ID around it he’d missed most opportunities to record the existing system records. It was in tatters now. No doubt the whole thing would be blamed on criminals or rebels. There. Just a smattering. Not proof by any stretch of the imagination but certain companies, huge contractors with close Imperial ties, that made regularly scheduled deliveries to Parnell stopped before the massacre. It didn’t matter if they figured out something was up on their own or if they got the wave off from inside the military or government.
If those same companies read the omens here, they might read the omens elsewhere. Several elsewheres. A little research could find out the most likely places where those doomships were headed… because the Empire worked with some very greedy shortsighted people. Before long Morgan felt the need to start covering his tracks as he researched these monetary moves. It quadrupled the work load. His wrists and fingertips soon ached. His brow furrowed and he bit his lip. He’d have to share his suspicions with the others. Follow the credits…

Introspection At The Edge of Space - Khelso

Khelso leaned back in the control seat of the gun turret, his feet propped up on the deactivated console, and watched the tabacc smoke from his cigarra drift up as the recirculators struggled to clear it.

There wasn’t much privacy in a YT-1300, especially with more than a half-dozen sentients filling it, but Khelso figured he’d have a few moments alone in the turret. With the glassite shield covered during hyperspace and the access hatch firmly dogged, he could guarantee no one and nothing could interrupt his alone time.

He took another pull from the bottle he’d liberated from the galley. It was barely a step above fermented Bantha piss, but it had enough kick to help him dull his brain cells.

Seeing the smoking crater back in Parnell that had been an auditorium full of people had scraped open the scabbed-over memory of another place of death. 700 Devaronians, including his whole family, massacred because some motherless Imperial suckface hadn’t wanted the trouble of dealing with prisoners. The fact that the murderer responsible had been one of his kind made the atrocity that much more visceral.

That day he’d sworn to track down the Butcher of Montellian Serat and seek justice for his crimes. He’d jumped on the first ship and signed up with a veteran bounty hunter, eager to learn the trade.

Khelso grimaced and shook his head. What an idiot he’d been. He’d become a bounty hunter, all right, but lost whatever fire had burned in his belly as he scoured the dregs of the galaxy for the wretched refuse infesting it.

Then Parnell happened. He’d had no family or friends there, no reason to give two microcreds’ worth of concern over their fate. But he couldn’t erase the image from his mind’s eye of the mayor’s face as the man had tried to hide the knowledge of his fate and send a bunch of strangers on a wild mynock chase, just so they’d be spared.

Khelso crushed the cigarra in his hand as rage burned though his dulled senses. Damn it! Why did he do that? What the hell had motivated him? Why not save himself, or one of his own?

The Devaronian hated the thought of the unspoken debt he felt weighed upon him. The man had begged the motley crew of survivors to somehow bring those responsible to justice. What did the dweezer expect him to do when he couldn’t even get any satisfaction for his own family?

He looked down at the crumpled mess in his hand and sighed, the rage dribbling away like the tabacc flakes now littering the floor. Damn it, he thought tiredly. Damn it all to hell.

Khelso didn’t know what he’d do once the ship arrived at whatever backwater hive it was headed for. But he knew what he’d do that very moment. He’d light up another cigarra and finish the bottle. He figured he could manage that much.

Holo Log Entry 1
Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End!

I knew this would be the year everything changes! When I turned 18, I said "Gendall, this is gonna be your year. Your time is NOW! And man, was I right!

Ok, ok. So I got some ok gifts for my 18th birthday. I got a XP-38A Sport Landspeeder for my birthday. But who drives Landspeeder’s anymore?!? I told Duncan that I want a Swoop bike! That old buzzard swears he knows what’s good for me. Ah… At least he means well.

But this time, the old man may have gotten something right! A 3 month tour into the Core Worlds?!? What more can a man ask for?! How about a smokin hot white haired bodyguard babe! I think I’ll call her Snow White. Crap, who could I forget my camera? No one’s gonna believe this!

And speaking of stuff no one’s gonna believe… This trip couldnt be more crash! We landed on some dank whole in the wall city where the city, planet, and system all have the same name. It was… Parole, or Parma, Purell… same diff. But that’s where the action picks up. We made a bad ass crash landing that everyone hated, but I was all “What’evs” about. This one guy was handing out fliers for his business or something. There was a Wookiee in the town! Yeah, like a real live Clone Wars Era Wookiee! And the mayor needed help for something he called “work”. Work is this thing poor people do to get money. Why dont they just ask their caretaker?!? Stupid poor people.

So yeah, the work thing turned out to be pretty awesome! Speaking of awesome… Shh! But yeah, so we took a trip out to this abandoned tipped over YT-1300. Maybe the same pilot that landed our ship landed that one. LOL! And all the old people were totally scared, and I was all like “Come at me, bro! Lets jump in and see what happened.” So we jump inside the YT and hear a noise in the distance. It was me, Snow White, Pilot Dude, and the Wookiee sneaking around. If you think a Wookiee sneaks lame, you should see Snow White sneak! But there was nothing to fear, totally just a holovid stuck in a loop behind a door in the ships lobby area.

But that’s when things got interesting. The other old guys came in later and were all like “Lets fix the ship with our smartness and stuff”, and I was all like “Dude, let me help”, and Pilot Dude was all “No, you can go find stuff in the ship”, and I was all what’evs. But the joke was on them because the ship was totally stocked with like vibroblades, armor, commlinks, medpacs… Who ever was on the ship before must have been total bad asses if this is what they left behind! So I totally switched out the gear I had for the gear I wanted while they were making repairs and whatnot. I got this pretty crash set of armor; I was looking a total bad ass!

So we find a protocol droid, right! And the Wookiee starts talking to it and it said some resentful stuff about the Wookiee being its master. The go into another room, we hear a clanging sound, and the Wookiee comes out hold his head, and he’s all like “RRRrrrrrugh” :(, and the droid comes out with a pipe in his hand! The pipe totally had Wookiee fur on it and everything! So I’m like AWESOME!” And we totally named the droid Awesome George! Idk where the George part came from, but he’s still pretty awesome.

Now this is when I became a total Holovid star! So Pilot Dude decided he REALLY wants to go back and get his Y Wing, so we fly to the old city, and the arena was totally a smokin’ crater. And there were Storm Troopers, and Corellian Corvettes, and shooting, and Pilot Dude’s all like, “Well guys, I’m going for my ship.” And these old dudes totally let him wander off into the hangar alone against at least one platoon of Storm Troopers. So I was all “You guys are a bunch of pansies, I’m going to help Pilot Dude!” So Im out there with Pilot Dude and his astromech, and we’re breakin feet toward his ship, and the Storm Troopers are all like “Stahp”, and Pilot Dude says “Screw you!” And we have this gun fight with this squad of Storm Troopers! This is my first time actually shooting a gun, but I’m a total Vance Starwood! And so I drop one of them, and Pilot Dude does too. And I’m all “Get at me bro! I totally just killed a guy!” And one of the Storm Troopers shot me in my chest, but he didnt know I’ve got this totally crash armor, and I’ve been all about the GTL this summer, so I shrugged off the blaster rifle.

That’s right. Let my awesome sink in for a bit!

So I’m all there celebrating, and this other guy cheap shots me, and I’m down, bro. Like I’m gonna die, I’ve totally been kicked in the nuts, and I’m all like “Wasn’t Snow White supposed to protect me?” But then Pilot Dude goes totally Rambo and I’m in an out of consciousness, but it was like he was shooting and crying, and he was all “No Gendall, no!! You’re too awesome to die!!” And I guess the astromech made it on board the ship, because next thing I knew, I was on my feet looking for a place to sit, and Pilot Dude is punching in coordinates, and we left that rock.

That rock was crash though. I totally killed a guy!

Journal Entry One - Ru'ah

I never should have accepted this job.

From the get-go this entire situation has been wrong. I wasn’t hired by my actual charge – but some lackeys throwing around his family money. I wasn’t given an end date. I wasn’t even paid enough of a percentage upfront.

What was I thinking?

So of course my charge happened to be a spoiled brat. No surprise there. Thankfully the trip started off fine. Sure, the travel was a little boring, especially after the first few days when everyone stopped accepting requests to spar, but the guy stayed in his room and kept his whining requests at a minimum. Though I wonder if anyone explained to him that I’m his bodyguard, not maid or errand runner. And seriously, someone needs to give him a talk about chasing skirt and that ain’t in my job description.

Then we land on Parnell. Landing is a generous term. Whatever the heck our pilots did it trashed our ship and we got stranded. Fantastic – Because baby-sitting is so much more fun when you’re stuck on a third-rate rock with one measly settlement. Especially when someone shows up asking for people who need work and your charge decides seeing what this work thing is all about would be fun!

Never should have accepted this job.

I have no idea what we’re involved with now, but apparently backing out is going to be tough. Thankfully we’ve got some people who have solid reputations, but I still don’t like where this is going. Potentially changing my identity? Altering records? Imperial secrets? Turning a turret on people to escape?! No thank you sir. I want to rewind a bit, go back to when I accepted this blasted job and refuse. This has gotten deep way too quickly for my comfort. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep for a year after that. Gotta do what you gotta do and all, but still, there wasn’t any honor in that.

… At least I technically am no longer under contract. So if Gendall wants to keep getting shot that might make up for some of the trauma. Or he can pay out what I was promised. Either one would make me a slightly less cranky individual.

Imperial News Network Flash! Terrorists Strike Parnell!
Imperial News - We Know What You Need to Hear



In a recent reprehensible act of senseless violence, slaughter and destruction – terrorists struck the peaceful agricultural world of Parnell, apparently leaving no survivors.

“Yet another atrocity committed by what we are assuming are the ragged bunch of outlaws calling themselves the ‘Rebel Alliance,’ who disregard all value of human life in the tyrannical pursuit of their selfish and childish backwards goals,” according to a recent statement by Novarr Tresk, former Imperial Governor of Parnell.

Governor Tresk and his staff were overseeing the departure of Mercy Flight, the project name for a convoy of seven medical corvettes who will be touring less developed worlds for medical relief, and therefore escaped the murderous rampage of the terrorists.

“In a ‘glass is half full’ look at this terrible tragedy, we can at least say that we were fortunate that the terrorists just missed an opportunity to also destroy the seven vessels filled with medical supplies as they departed the system,” added Governor Tresk. “It is simply the height of irony that there was no one left alive on Parnell for the convoy to return and provide aid to.”

The terrorists apparently used a local sporting event as a trap, killing all who attended the sports match at the settlement’s arena. The community was small enough that most, if not all, of Parnell’s citizens were present at the game.

“We are not aware of any survivors at this time, though we have a battalion of troops in system now combing the planet.”

Any survivors who were able to flee the carnage are encouraged to report to their nearest Imperial garrison or Law center to present any information they may have on the massacre to Imperial authorities.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the massacre have had an Imperial bounty placed on their heads.

“We do not know who they were, so the Empire will pay 5,000 credits for information that leads to the detainment for questioning of anyone who was present at Parnell, be they survivor or terrorist,” Governor Tresk noted, “The innocent will be questioned to retrieve any information that could lead to positive identification of the guilty.”

When asked for clarification that the bounty would be for each individual, Governor Tresk had this to say: “Yes, each guilty terrorist has an individual 5,000 credit bounty on their heads.”

Only slightly less tragic is the utter and total destruction of the Reacher Imperial Medical Research Institute on Parnell. "Why we believe this to be a Rebel terrorist act is due to multiple attempts by these scum to penetrate the security of, and destroy the beneficial medical research at, the Reacher Institute. Prior to the Imperial garrison’s removal from Parnell in the wake of the settlement’s destruction, the garrison’s commander, Lt T. Frain, had reported no less than 30 separate attempts by the terrorists to infiltrate the Institute. LT. Frain continued: “Finally, they succeeded in destroying the defenseless station, and obviously, the Rebel scum then decided to punish the innocent people of Parnell who supplied the research Institute.”

The 3rd Response Fleet has been deployed to Parnell and will be searching both the settlement and the system for any clues that will lead to the capture and punishment of the terrorists.


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