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Imperial News Network Flash!
Imperial News - We Know What You Need to Hear

///INN News Flash\\\

A convoy of Imperial medical relief corvettes will be beginning an Imperial-wide galactic tour to Imperial worlds experiencing medical crisis or undergoing natural disaster recovery. The ships, which are the Consolation, the Errand of Mercy, the Assistance, the Succor, the Journeyman Healer, the Respite and the Relief left Coruscant this morning.

Imperial News Network Flash!
Imperial News - We Know What You Need to Hear



The Imperial Navy announced today the launching of the Empire’s newest technological achievement, the peacekeeping platform called “the Death Star.” While “Death Star” sounds like an odd name for a diplomatic station, Imperial sources from the Ministry of Shipbuilding note that the name is actually pronounced “De’athe” – a Devorian word for “Peaceful Resolution.”

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The party forms…

Cherek – Kel Dor Medic, Sniper, Punk Kid
Dehbri’nai’Khelso – Devaronian Bounty Hunter
Dubhath Vron – Sullustan Pilot, Navigator, Engineer
Forim Luk – Duros Pilot-for-Hire, specializing in Medical Transport
Gendall Kurk Human Minor Jedi/Noble
Graannik Wookiee Master mechanic
Morgan – Human Underworld specialist
Ru’ah Ta Kovani – Echani Bodyguard/Merc for hire

The party formed after being approached by Kal Lom, the ports main mechanic for swoops and speeders, whom grant them a brief interview with Parnell’s Unofficial Official, Rom Gallus whom offered employment to those that did not mind taking a few hours of their time to retrieve a downed shipment of much needed agro-parts and after a bit of prying, some bottles of fine alcohol beverages that was worth a bit more than the other items requested to be returned. Arrival at the crash site was non-eventful, and with the daylight bright overhead, nothing remained hidden from view as they approached by swoop and truck. The Corellian YT-1300 Transport was damaged from crash landing but there was no signs of foul play, and may have been a malfunction.

The ship was devoid of life, except for a service droid, whom had attacked Graannik the Wookiee, and proceeded to shut down the engines. The protocol droid’s actions to sabotage efforts to return to the town were based on orders to prevent the crew from being killed by the attack. Grannik succeeded in deactivating the droid soon after. A strange human named Morgan had discovered a malfunctioning Hologram of Gallus, that soon conveyed a warning about the Empires activities within the Reacher Institute and that all aboard the ship should make an escape to get word to anyone that would listen about the plans for releasing something deadly into the universe. After repairing the YT-1300 enough to break orbit, the Duros, Forim Lik, decided to return to the spaceport instead to recover his own ship to the dismay of all.

After returning to the port, a battle ensued, two of ours had fallen to wounds but survived them barely while making a run for the Y-Wing Longprobe which was docked there. Storm troopers had attacked but in heroic fashion, two on the YT-1300, Ru’ah Ta Kovani and Dehbri’nai’Khelso had joined the battle and destroyed many of them in the process. They even managed to explode one of the Imperial Transports before they could retreat. Soon the duo of Gendall Kurk, a human and the Duros, Forim Lik limped their way onto the Y-Wing, which had been previously boarded and readied by Roop, Forim’s Astromech, all while taking heavy wounds but also providing much needed suppression fire that helped the gunners aboard the Yt-1300 to pick off the enemy. Soon another Imperial Transport had been shot down by Lieutenant Valma Frain, sister of Imperial Customs and Administration Officer Lieutenant Talman “Tal” Frain to the suprise of all. The two ships then fired their engines and broke orbit and began searching for a safe place to hide and get much needed repairs.


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