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Star Wars Campaign Information

Welcome to the Team Chaos Star Wars Campaign.

Some basic background information is available on the Wiki!

Meanwhile here is the setting for the beginning of this campaign:

The Battle of Yavin has not happened yet.

Alderaan is intact and thriving.

The players are either residents of the planet Parnell, or routine visitors of Parnell, which is a sparsely populated agricultural trading post of light to medium traffic. Due to a supposed terrorist attack, most, if not all of the population of Parnell has now been wiped out along with a few structures that were damaged beyond repair. Those that had escaped Parnell are now hunted as suspects of the terrorist attack.

Here is the link to the start of the adventure:

Planet Parnell


The party Arrives at Planet Gelgelar. This planet is a haven to many cut-throats and smugglers in the system. Far enough away from the prying eyes of the Empire, The crew of the Careless Whisper and those aboard Forim’s Y-Wing take shelter there amongst the denizens of the Sullustan Underworld and are given an offer they should not refuse from Morgan.