Team Chaos SW Campaign

Creative Editing 101 or Opportunistic Synergy

“Reputation?” It wasn’t the first time the thought bubbled up in Morgan’s head while he sat hunched over the console. It was little better than a datapad but its connection to the holonet was stable and for what he was doing he didn’t need much. Most of his new traveling companions had been forthcoming, filling him in on anything they might want him to keep in mind while moving their identities to NEVER EVEN BEEN TO PARNELL status. Some had been a little less cooperative than others, but as he kept explaining they were all in the same ship now. Metaphorically speaking at any rate. The two of them were over in the Y-wing and for some reason Morgan felt like he could breathe easier because of it. Perhaps one of them was wearing a noxious form of aftershave. Hopefully they would run out of the stuff.
“Reputation?” They had better hope not. In a Galaxy of over 64 Trillion Sentients (nearly 20% of whom could vote in some manner for as little as that was worth) reputation was a hard thing to come by, and that was good. It allowed for a certain ‘fluidity’. Morgan’s own background checks revealed that most of these people were at the start of their careers or had successfully kept anything TOO alarming out of official record. That was good. He didn’t need to start hiding someone wanted in multiple solar systems. Or put a Kessel Run winner back in touch with their stupid fan club. Who had time for that? And that wasn’t the only thing going on…
It wasn’t surprising to see the Empire being sloppy, heavy handed, and overconfident. None of that was new. But it was a matter of DEGREE. Unless he was wrong the generic cover-up performed by two different (minimum) flunkies as much as ASSUMED that other larger events would be happening soon which would make any inquiries into the Parnell massacre a moot point. At the rate the Empire was simply wiping away information, moving everyone’s history around was simple. Morgan found Imperial overconfidence, disturbing. Sure it was convenient for the moment but to his way of thinking those ships and whatever they were carrying (chemical, radioactive, biological?) were going to decimate entire planets, or worse.
Morgan shook the cobwebs and worries out and returned to work. His own record was the easiest to fix. It meant a little less money per job but Morgan’s contracts always included a “right to subcontract” clause and just like that the records reflected that he had paid someone else to handle the last assignment and they had been the one to come to Parnell. For some of the others it was a bit trickier. The important thing was never to erase a minor smirch and to include a minor smirch when creating an I.D. or background history. The Empire assumes everyone is guilty of something, they just don’t care as long as it is a minor infraction and you aren’t ripping off them. Creating the tiny smirch that shows you lying about your whereabouts or something similar to a family member or employer made anyone checking up on you feel they had your measure. It wasn’t long before Morgan finished the repaired AND fake IDs for the entire group. It might not pass the detailed investigation that could occur if they actually succeeded in stopping more than one of these Harbinger Ships, but it would all serve in the meantime. Clones and droids weren’t going to see through any of Morgan’s work…
“Overconfidence. Grasping overconfidence. Greedy…” The thought gave Morgan an idea. Yeah the Empire could keep SOME secrets when it wanted to but it could never keep ALL the secrets that it wanted to. Sure Morgan had no idea what the Death Star looked like or what its purpose was but he had spotted the money being moved around to purchase resources for it before the first plasma torch was lit. DAMNIT!! While he had been making the most of the whitewash of Parnell’s recent electronic history and fixing everyone’s history and ID around it he’d missed most opportunities to record the existing system records. It was in tatters now. No doubt the whole thing would be blamed on criminals or rebels. There. Just a smattering. Not proof by any stretch of the imagination but certain companies, huge contractors with close Imperial ties, that made regularly scheduled deliveries to Parnell stopped before the massacre. It didn’t matter if they figured out something was up on their own or if they got the wave off from inside the military or government.
If those same companies read the omens here, they might read the omens elsewhere. Several elsewheres. A little research could find out the most likely places where those doomships were headed… because the Empire worked with some very greedy shortsighted people. Before long Morgan felt the need to start covering his tracks as he researched these monetary moves. It quadrupled the work load. His wrists and fingertips soon ached. His brow furrowed and he bit his lip. He’d have to share his suspicions with the others. Follow the credits…



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