Team Chaos SW Campaign

Holo Log Entry 3

Charades with the soul

(Logs on holo recorder. Gendall is in the foreground of the shot, Forim is in the background leaving an armory. Forim says to Gendall in a low voice “What part of stun dont you understand?!?” The armory doors shut behind them. Gendall takes off his mask to reveal that he is visibly shaken)

I’ll be honest; I enjoy the work I’ve been doing lately. Traveling the galaxy. We’ve been to Parnell, that awesome rock, and then to Gelgelar. I’ve flown on a YT 1300, and two passenger Y Wing, and now on a dead Corillian Corvette floating in the middle of nowhere.

Meeting new and interesting sentients. Forim is crash. Ru’ah’s angry at men. Nephelle just woke up. The jury’s still out on her. Though I thought I saw her do something interesting. Or maybe not. Graannik is… present. His growls dont sound angry, so I assume that means he’s in a fair mood most of the time. And now we’ve met these rebels…

Fighting for a cause… I’m not sure why the others fight. The rebels seem to fight against anything the Empire’s doing. Which we’ve just discovered is in this particular instance is breed a highly dynamic disease that turn regular biological sentients into psychopaths.

If I seem a little moded, I’ll get to that. Just let me talk

Like I said, I’m not sure why the others fight. Forim seems to know these rebels, or at least they all share some common purpose. Is he a rebel too? That could be useful information. Ru’ah’s a weapon; she doesnt seem to require a reason to engage in combat anymore than a blaster does.

Funny I should mention blasters

Nephelle seems to be fighting to prove herself to someone. But who? Most likely herself I’d imagine. She seems confident in her abilities. Yet she knows her place when the poodoo hits the fan; behind someone. That cant feel good.

But the million credit question is why does Gendall Kurk fight? Back on Puerto Caple, I had everything; money, comfort, authority. Traveling with this group has taught me a lot about the galaxy in a short time. Or rather confirmed what I always believed to be true. People won’t search past what they want to believe is true. I’ve tested that hypothesis, and so far so good. Is it then safe to say that I fight for knowledge? One could say that. Deeper knowledge of myself, and of the galaxy. You cant really know the galaxy until you’ve traveled it.

(Gendall takes a deep breath and looks into the recorder)
I, Gendall Kurk, murdered a five year old girl today.

Yes, today. As in a handful of seconds ago. And its tearing me apart. Forim was there. I dont know what he thinks of me.

Let me explain.

Upon boarding the The Respite, we discovered much carnage and gore. We later discovered a young woman locked away in a room. She frantically told us about the contamination as best she could in her mental state. The Imperials we spoke to over the PA system and met on the ship’s bridge later filled in some of the blanks. The disease was engineered by the Empire as a biological weapon to unleash on an undetermined populace. They also explained that the weapon had gone airborne and infected all of the patients aboard. They told us symptoms appear in 24-48 hours and later claimed to inoculate us against the viral weapon, in exchange for finding and neutralizing the party responsible for damaging the ship’s engines.

We found the responsible party, the aforementioned members of the Rebel Alliance. I’m not going to lie, everything between meeting the Imperials and finding the Rebels was pure fun! Every psychopath we encountered was rabid and trying to bite and scratch us. There was no going back for them. Killing them was the only option. After we encountered the Rebels and compared notes, we realized that the Imperials likely gave us the virus. We came up with a plan, and split into two teams. My team was on our way to the engine room when things went south for me.

The five year old girl showed up. And my first instinct was to kill her.

Why was my first instinct to murder a child? Is it because of the horror holos? The children in horror holos are ALWAYS up to no good. The characters would get into so much less trouble destroying them on sight. But Nephelle, whom I could have sworn I saw slow fall in the Dread Shaft earlier, starts borderline interrogating the little girl. But the child was able to answer coherently. She told us that her family needed help. They had locked themselves in the armory to keep safe from the psychos. Seemed plausible enough. I even took it upon myself to protect the little girl while we charged in headlong to save her family.

Why do we fight? What did that little girl’s family have to do with the Rebel’s mission, or getting ourselves inoculated? Nothing. Saving that family was the right thing to do, and we were determined to do what was right.

We got into the armory, the small room just behind me. Nephelle opened the door. Because somehow she can slice a door in a heartbeat, but cant climb a ladder to save her life. As in a ladder literally almost cost her her life. Anyway, Nephelle opened the door. And what do we see? A family grateful that the heroes has shown up, reuniting their family and coming to save them from the dreaded virus?

No. We find a bunch of psychos. A freaking pyscho ambush. There’s pychos in the armory, there’s psychos closing in outside the armory, and the five of us are sandwiched in the middle. Some of us leave the small armory. I decide to stay and make sure there wont be any psychos on their six. Forim stays with me. There’s four psychos and two of us in a 3m by 6m armory. Bodily harm in all but certain. Nephelle shuts us in, and Forim and I go to work. Shooting, hacking, slicing our way through anything moving.

And then the little girl kicked me.

Why do we fight? Whoever said “There is no chaos, there is harmony” obviously never feared for their life. They must have always had the luxury of ideal fighting conditions. I DIDNT HAVE THAT!! And so I killed what was in front of me. I killed EVERYTHING in front of me.

I cant speak for the Rebels, the Imperial, or for the rest of our group. But right now, Gendall Kurk fights to survive.

I killed a five year old girl to survive. What have I done?



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