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Imperial News Network Flash! Terrorists Strike Parnell!

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In a recent reprehensible act of senseless violence, slaughter and destruction – terrorists struck the peaceful agricultural world of Parnell, apparently leaving no survivors.

“Yet another atrocity committed by what we are assuming are the ragged bunch of outlaws calling themselves the ‘Rebel Alliance,’ who disregard all value of human life in the tyrannical pursuit of their selfish and childish backwards goals,” according to a recent statement by Novarr Tresk, former Imperial Governor of Parnell.

Governor Tresk and his staff were overseeing the departure of Mercy Flight, the project name for a convoy of seven medical corvettes who will be touring less developed worlds for medical relief, and therefore escaped the murderous rampage of the terrorists.

“In a ‘glass is half full’ look at this terrible tragedy, we can at least say that we were fortunate that the terrorists just missed an opportunity to also destroy the seven vessels filled with medical supplies as they departed the system,” added Governor Tresk. “It is simply the height of irony that there was no one left alive on Parnell for the convoy to return and provide aid to.”

The terrorists apparently used a local sporting event as a trap, killing all who attended the sports match at the settlement’s arena. The community was small enough that most, if not all, of Parnell’s citizens were present at the game.

“We are not aware of any survivors at this time, though we have a battalion of troops in system now combing the planet.”

Any survivors who were able to flee the carnage are encouraged to report to their nearest Imperial garrison or Law center to present any information they may have on the massacre to Imperial authorities.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the massacre have had an Imperial bounty placed on their heads.

“We do not know who they were, so the Empire will pay 5,000 credits for information that leads to the detainment for questioning of anyone who was present at Parnell, be they survivor or terrorist,” Governor Tresk noted, “The innocent will be questioned to retrieve any information that could lead to positive identification of the guilty.”

When asked for clarification that the bounty would be for each individual, Governor Tresk had this to say: “Yes, each guilty terrorist has an individual 5,000 credit bounty on their heads.”

Only slightly less tragic is the utter and total destruction of the Reacher Imperial Medical Research Institute on Parnell. "Why we believe this to be a Rebel terrorist act is due to multiple attempts by these scum to penetrate the security of, and destroy the beneficial medical research at, the Reacher Institute. Prior to the Imperial garrison’s removal from Parnell in the wake of the settlement’s destruction, the garrison’s commander, Lt T. Frain, had reported no less than 30 separate attempts by the terrorists to infiltrate the Institute. LT. Frain continued: “Finally, they succeeded in destroying the defenseless station, and obviously, the Rebel scum then decided to punish the innocent people of Parnell who supplied the research Institute.”

The 3rd Response Fleet has been deployed to Parnell and will be searching both the settlement and the system for any clues that will lead to the capture and punishment of the terrorists.



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