Team Chaos SW Campaign

Journal Entry One - Ru'ah

I never should have accepted this job.

From the get-go this entire situation has been wrong. I wasn’t hired by my actual charge – but some lackeys throwing around his family money. I wasn’t given an end date. I wasn’t even paid enough of a percentage upfront.

What was I thinking?

So of course my charge happened to be a spoiled brat. No surprise there. Thankfully the trip started off fine. Sure, the travel was a little boring, especially after the first few days when everyone stopped accepting requests to spar, but the guy stayed in his room and kept his whining requests at a minimum. Though I wonder if anyone explained to him that I’m his bodyguard, not maid or errand runner. And seriously, someone needs to give him a talk about chasing skirt and that ain’t in my job description.

Then we land on Parnell. Landing is a generous term. Whatever the heck our pilots did it trashed our ship and we got stranded. Fantastic – Because baby-sitting is so much more fun when you’re stuck on a third-rate rock with one measly settlement. Especially when someone shows up asking for people who need work and your charge decides seeing what this work thing is all about would be fun!

Never should have accepted this job.

I have no idea what we’re involved with now, but apparently backing out is going to be tough. Thankfully we’ve got some people who have solid reputations, but I still don’t like where this is going. Potentially changing my identity? Altering records? Imperial secrets? Turning a turret on people to escape?! No thank you sir. I want to rewind a bit, go back to when I accepted this blasted job and refuse. This has gotten deep way too quickly for my comfort. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep for a year after that. Gotta do what you gotta do and all, but still, there wasn’t any honor in that.

… At least I technically am no longer under contract. So if Gendall wants to keep getting shot that might make up for some of the trauma. Or he can pay out what I was promised. Either one would make me a slightly less cranky individual.



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