Team Chaos SW Campaign

Journal Entry Two - Ru'ah

We’ve reached Gelgelar, which proved to be only a touch more exciting than Parnell. Thankfully we have a lead on where to go next, otherwise I would consider cutting ties with this crazy group and heading out on my own. Seriously, we’re like a bad joke without a punch line. A Echani, a human, a Duros, and a Kel Dor walk into a cantina…

I ventured planet-side with Gendall, Forim, and Cherek while the others stayed on the ship. Personally, I wanted to find out just how solid of work Morgan did with our history/ids, so my goal was to get information. I’m not sure what the heck the others wanted to do – I’ve basically learned to tune Gendall’s naive observations out. Apparently he thinks I’m still honoring the contract or something. Our first stop was the boarding house to find some lodging. Apparently Forim had the good fortune to chat up the pilot hanging around, while I was too distracted by the guy in Mandalorian armor. Of course Gendall had to go talk to him. Moron.

… Mind you, I’ve never actually seen a Mandalorian, so I have no idea if this guy was the real deal or not. Still, I know my history and I kept my distance. Dishonorable, armor-covered bastards.

After that we went to the Slippery Gelgelar Eel to interact with the locals. Forim decided not to tell us about his conversation, so all we did was waste our time and credits. I did chat up a nice contractor crew though. Also, Gendall managed to play a card game with some locals without getting conned for all his credits. Consider me slightly impressed. As we left Forim finally did tell us about the datapad and the coordinates, so after we spend the night here we’re off.

Apparently our cover is still in place for the time being. I don’t want to stick around too long to test that. Still, it’s nice to be off the ship and on my own at the moment. Forim and Gendall both went for a suite. I’m just glad to have some silence, even if the bunk is tiny.

Automatic Update

We’re about the board a disabled Corillian Corvette, which was found at the coordinates Forim received back on Gelgelar. Gendall has a bad feeling about it, which strikes me as odd, because I didn’t think he could express anything beyond idiotic observations and naivety. I’m worried about this, so I’m implementing this holo log to send message titled “Sorry Mom” to the proper coordinates and then wipe memory in 48 hours. Hope I check in before that. And, you know, survive whatever the heck is waiting for us on that ship.

Ru’ah out.



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