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The Imperial fleet and the civilized galaxy were shocked to learn of the destruction of the Errand of Mercy, an Imperial hospital ship touring the less fortunate portions of the Empire. Ordered to Alderaan to respond for natural disaster relief, the ship was ambushed by rebel terrorists

Captain Talman Frain, commander of the hunt for the Parnell Terrorists was unavailable for comment when sought out to answer for why he has so far failed to capture these criminals.

It is rumored that the Emperor himself has taken personal interest in this case, according to sources on Courscant.

“Governor Tresk has been ordered to become more involved in the investigation,” was all the source had to say on the matter.

Possibly even more disturbing is the loss of communication with The Respite, another of the seven Mercy Flight vessels.

Security has been tightened among all five remaining vessels, and a rescue Task Force has been dispatched to the last known location of The Respite.

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Something wicked this way comes. The rescue Task Force could be a game changer.


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