Team Chaos SW Campaign

Update From Parnell - Law and Order Prevail to Help Track Atrocity Commiters

Imperial News - We Know What You Need to Hear


Newly promoted Captain Talman Frain, formerly of the Parnell Imperial garrison, has announced the discovery of new information in the identities of the terrorists of Parnell. “Interviews with recently discovered Parnell survivors, as well as comparisons of flight data, starport data, and what ships are missing versus what ships were still at the settlement at the time of the massacre have led us to believe that at least one small craft that was present prior to the massacre is no longer on Parnell.”

Captain Frain has been placed in charge of the search for the terrorists, and is operating under the nominal guidance and authority of former Parnell Imperial Governor Novarr Tresk.

“Bounty hunters will be dispatched first with the information we acquired, and we will follow up with Imperial troops when information is confirmed,” Frain noted.

Unfortunately, the survivors discovered on Parnell were far too injured and succumbed to their wounds shortly after their testimonies were recorded.

Meanwhile, his sister, Lt. Valma Frain, renowned as a phenomenal pilot, has been promoted to Captain. She will be promoted from team lead to flight lead, taking command of one of 4 flight teams of the 117th T.I.E. Pursuit Squadron.



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