Aarrom Toom

Rebel Contact Aarrom Toom


Aarrom Toom is the owner-Captain of the light freighter Herd Mother.


Aarrom Toom’s parents once witnessed a Rebel operation against an Imperial garrison. They were slaughtered by Imperial Stormtroopers for no other reason that the Imperials did not have a transport big enough to fit Aaroom’s parents with the other witnesses to take them in for questioning.

Aarrom Toom saw this from a hiding spot an unidentified Wookie had pushed him into. Not long after he left his world and his job herding trees, pushed, like so many other sentient beings before him by a need for “punish” the Empire for the death of his parents.

Aarrom has not allowed his hatred for the Empire to cloud his judgment, and he has actually maintained a soft bearing and a sense of humor.

Aarrom is a gentle being, and his sense of humor is as large as his sense of honor and duty. Enemies have learned that “gentle” means neither “stupid,” nor “weak,” and it certainly does not mean “pacifist.”

Fortunately, his intelligence and common sense allows him to keep his head down and move generally unnoticed amongst the populated worlds of the Empire, his few enemies that have survived attempting to attack Aarrom have often mistaken other Ithorians for him, and realize that at this time, the effort to track him down wasn’t worth the potential for dying once finding him.

Aarrom Toom

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